Robbery Bob Online Game: How to Unlock All Achievements

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Most people have borrowed money at some point in their lives. We’ve all been there, whether it’s because of student loan debt, vehicle payments, or a handful of poor bets with an unforgiving bookie.

Bob, like many people, is no different. He is compelled to repay the debt of freedom after getting caught out of jail by a raincoat-clad man. He chooses to rob people rather than start a small business or earn money in a good way. In this fun game, Robbery Bob sets you in charge of his most recent crime spree in an attempt to pay off his debts.

Bob the Robber is a platform game in which you take on the role of Bob, a notorious thief in the city. The game runs by using your housebreaking skills, stealing money from the wealthy, and donating them to poor people. Sly your way through each stage, collecting valuable things while avoiding security alarms! You’ll surely appreciate this game if you are more into sneaky action like Peaky Blinders Mastermind.


How to Play & Unlock Achievements in Robbery Bob

Just like any other game, Robbery Bob’s goal is to unlock achievements by completing a particular task. You can find these earned achievements on the main menu, but we made a list here to make it easy for you. Read below the guide on how to successfully complete tasks in the game.

1. First Time Offender

To unlock this achievement, you must finish the first level in the suburbs. It’s simply a training level so you should have no problems since there are no enemies or sirens.

2. Who Goes There?

During your gameplay, you will have to use a distraction object to your advantage to get around a guard at some point.

3. Robbin’ Bobette

To accomplish a level in Downtown, you need to disguise yourself as a woman.

4. Old Grumpy

Unlock this achievement by disguising yourself as an elderly lady in order to finish a level.

5. Doctor Who?

You will need to disguise yourself as a scientist in order to finish a level in the Secret Lab.

6. Caution Wet Floor

Paint is unavoidable on a couple of levels. You can obtain this achievement by stepping into wet paint. But take note that you will leave footprints when you walk for a little period of time and might put you in danger.

7. Portal

You will need to use teleport to unlock this achievement. There is no way to avoid using these in the Secret Lab stages. They’re large green circles on the floor that send you to different areas of the level map.

8. Takedown

Finish the chapter in the suburbs. It’s the game’s first chapter, and it consists of 15 levels. There are few attackers and no sirens, which is simply a tutorial level, so it should also not cause you any problems.

9. Biff’s New Best Friend

You have to complete the first level in Downtown, which is the second chapter of the game, to unlock this chapter.

10. Embezzled

Like Biff’s New Best Friend achievement, you can unlock this by completing the Downtown chapter of the game.

11. Best Guinea Pig Ever

To earn this achievement, all you have to do is complete the first level in the secret lab.

12. Prison Break

You can unlock this achievement by finishing the Secret Lab chapter. You’ll most likely face additional security cameras, lasers, scientists, and patrol guards. This chapter is about trial and error so make sure to study their routines.

13. Solved Conundrum

This bonus chapter lets you earn an additional award. To access the Bonus chapter, go to the main menu and select “Bonus Levels.” Accomplish its 15 levels to earn an award.

14. Spread the Wealth

Unlock this achievement by getting 5 perfect levels. To perfect the levels, you must collect all three stars. One star is awarded for not being detected, another star for completing the level in less than the allotted time, and a star for collecting all of the loot.


15. Juvenile Offender

You can obtain this once you have completed 5 perfect levels in the Suburbs or have earned 15 stars in the Suburbs.

16. Repeat Offender

You can get this once you’ve completed 10 perfect levels in the Suburbs, or when you’ve accumulated 30 stars in the Suburbs.

17. Menace of Suburbia

You can get this once you’ve completed 15 perfect levels in the Suburbs.

18. Elite Larcenist

You must complete 15 perfect levels in the Suburbs.

19. Burglar

You must complete 5 perfect levels in Downtown or earn 15 stars in the entire city.

20. Safecracker

Get this achievement by completing 10 perfect levels in Downtown or by earning 30 stars in the entire city.

21. Kingpin

You must obtain 45 badges in Downtown to reach this achievement

22. Criminal Mastermind

Make sure to complete 15 perfect levels and get Badges in Downtown before finishing this achievement.

23. Lab Ferret

You’ll get this once you’ve completed 5 perfect levels in the Secret Lab. You can unlock this achievement after obtaining 15 stars in the Secret Lab.

24. Security Consultant

You can obtain this achievement by completing 10 perfect levels in the Secret Lab. You’ll also be able to get this once you’ve earned 30 stars in the Secret Lab.

25. Invisible

This will certainly be one of your first achievements. You’ll just need to beat every level without being detected in order to unlock all of the star-based milestones.

26. The Shadow

Completing one of the night levels without being detected is all that is required. The first one you encounter will be the most straightforward.

27. Stay!

To get this achievement, just simply gain the dog’s attention. Walk close to it, go through a door, and then immediately close the door to catch its attention. Don’t worry, upon closing the door, the dog will not be able to follow you, and it will show a broken heart.

28. Dog Person

The task here is pretty simple, you’ll just need the dog to follow you for one whole minute. Approach the dog, let it bark, and follow you for a minute to complete the level.

29. Was That A Rat?

This task is also simple. Just make an old lady suspect you 3 times in a level.

30. Catch Me If You Can

To obtain this achievement, you will need to curse a guard 3 times.

31. Blues in Prison

Unlock this achievement by simply getting caught by a roving guard, a police officer, or an elderly woman.

32. Who are you going to call?

You must be apprehended by a cop who responds to a call from a citizen to obtain this achievement. A speech bubble with a face and a mobile phone will appear over the head of a citizen who’s trying to call the cops.

33. Pilfer Paradox

This stage is obtainable by perfecting 15 levels or 45 badges in the Secret Lab.

34. Man of Steal

You need to get perfect levels in the Secret Labs to win this achievement.

35. Master Thief

Obtain this achievement by completing all 15 stages of the major three chapters, Suburbs, Downtown, and Secret Lab, with all three stars.

36. Sneaky Treat

In this stage, you don’t have to get perfect on all 15 levels in the Bonus chapter. Instead, all you have to do is earn 15 stars across all levels, or perfect on 5. Both ways are easy to complete, even if you have no prior experience.

37. On the Beat

In order to complete a level in Downtown, you must dress up and assume the role of a police officer.

Surely, this is your ultimate guide to beat all achievements in Robbery Bob. For more information and updates on your favorite action game, read more articles here!